According to multiple studies, benefit plans are perceived more favorably by employees when they are educated about their plans and how to best utilize them. Employees even find low end benefit plans that are well communicated more favorable than rich benefit plans that are not explained to them in a comprehensive way.

We understand that most companies do not have the time to dedicate to educating employees about their benefit plans, but we want our clients to get the best return on their investment. We offer tools to educate employees about their benefit plans that they can view on their own time or share with their other eligible dependents.

One of our many tools is Brainshark, an online video presentation, which explains an employee’s benefit plans in detail. This system enables our clients to give new hires and ongoing employees the full open enrollment experience in a manner that is consistent, all year long.

To view a sample presentation, click the link below:

The Value of Communication

A study performed by Watson Wyatt Worldwide found that the main driver of employee satisfaction for benefits plans is the effectiveness of benefit communication. In other words, educating and engaging employees on the company’s benefit offerings using an effective communication strategy is key to retaining talent for an organization. Click the image below to get a closer look at the findings: